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Games these days are playing a significant role when it comes to understanding the techniques and the correct strokes in a keyboard. Playing games which help you improve typing skills, make you learn to type without you even realizing that you are doing some work. One indulges in the act of playing games for fun and ends up developing this skill. This skill gets into one without much hard work is because once a person gets addicted to a particular game, he automatically goes through rigorous practice.

Also, these games help one to gain speed while typing. This process does not seem hectic. One can enjoy while playing. Here, we will go through four typing games that are the top ones in the list of those games, which boosts their typing speed.


* This is a multiplayer game.

* One requires a proper browser as this is an online browser-based game. Any browser, for example, chrome or Mozilla, would suffice.

* The launching of this game was in March 2008. It claims to be the first typing game on the web to have this multiplayer system.

1.1 A walk through the history of this

  • The famous programmer, Alex Epshtyen, was the one to launch this game, which later on turned out to be very popular among enthusiasts who wished to improve their typing skills by working on their speed.
  • Alex Epshtyen worked on his own. He used the OpenSocial API and the Google Web Toolkit to do this. These tools were quite useful in creating the desired features in the game.
  • The inspiration behind developing this game was a shareware Windows program that was used by Epshtyen to touch type in the process of teaching himself. But, this one didn’t have a multiplayer mode.
  • Epshtyen does not describe himself as a hardcore gamer. He had never played any other multiplayer games. An example of this is ‘The Typing of the Dead.’
  • After going through this new feature, former Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing engineer contacted him and extended approval for TypeRacer. Epshtyen has a master’s degree in Computer Science domain from UMass Amherst. Also, he was an intern at Google in 2005.
  • ILoveTyping was on the list of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites of 2008.

1.2 The central angle- how do they play?

  • In this game, there is a competition between players who have to indulge in a race. This race involves miniature cars. The cars move further every time a participant types a short paragraph of around 20 to 100 words. The rate of movement varies according to the length of the section.
  • There is a requirement of accuracy as this is concerned with making the users develop mastery in their strokes. So, every time there is a mistake, users have to revert and rectify the errors to attain accuracy with speed and practice.
  • The passages that one has to type and practice comes from famous songs, films, and books, for example, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • Apart from this, the users have a provision for contributing to these pieces.
  • There have been occasions when some users had a typing speed of over or around 200 words per minute. There arose a suspicion that they might be robots. Also, they were said to be cheating. TypeRacer has taken lots of measures to restrict such a thing.
  • One of this step is a sort of protection which requires users to enter a CAPTCHA. If they get through this, they are allowed to perform for a score that is supposed to be twenty-five percent higher to activate the CAPTCHA test once more.

Keyboard Typing Game

This game is a relatively simple typing game that allows one to develop coordination between the hand and eye. This game was there into existence for people who are new to typing. There are multiple levels included in this game. The first step is to clear level 1. The first step leads to the next level, that is, level 2. In level 1, one has to type the single letters in a falling down pattern. Then one moves to level 2. In this level, according to the design which is there, all messages fall at a single time.


Letter typing game


Typing of letters is a practice game which is for kids in a particular age group. This game has been specially designed for kids. This letter typing game is constructive. The methods that are used in this allow you to practice typing words. This is very useful in building coordination between the hand and eye. So, this starts with many monsters attacking you. All one is required to do is to type the name of the beast. This typing has to be done after it attacks and before it swallows you. It is beneficial for regular practice and compelling developments of efficient strokes.

Typing Master


Typing Master is a typing game app that has many inbuilt features. Also, this has another section that can be used to create a gaming test. This section is called Typing Test pro. Typing test pro can be used primarily by employers and by other people involved in the business recruitment process. These tests can be designed to be purpose-specific.

  • The typing tests that can be created are professional and are tailor-made.
  • Typing Test Pro is straightforward to use. It is swift and is based on the web. It can be customized as suited to one’s needs. This section is mainly used for training purposes and to carry out other business activities
  • Only three steps need to be followed for setting up a test. This can be done very quickly. First, a check is created. Then the test takers are invited. Then the results and the conclusion are driven.
  • These tests that are created are customized and professional. And, as mentioned above, the steps are quite straightforward. All one needs to do is to subscribe.
  • Typing skills can be easily accessed through these methods. Many purposes can be covered through this one single feature. The areas mainly include education, e-learning, practice, evaluation of employees, and many other regions.
  • Moreover, these tests can be easily set up. Also, these can be modified according to one’s business needs. Almost an exact match can be achieved to the vision.
  • Results can be delivered instantly. This instant delivery is because this is an automatic process, and everything is online. This rule does not require a lot of calculations to generate results. Progress of individual performers can be measured, and decisions are made based on ideas that are created instantly. There is a choice of either creating real-time test results or hiding them and then, revealing at the right moment.
  • This process of recruitment is ingenious and efficient. This hiring process can yield beneficial results and helps in making the right choices of candidates that are required and suited for the purpose. One can do a comparative analysis of the typing skills of the candidates before hiring them.
  • Another main benefit that eases the entire process is that no installation is required. The method of test creation is very efficient and time-effective. One is merely required to subscribe, create tests, and invite the individuals who have to appear for the same. The recruitment agendas get fulfilled satisfactorily.
  • The test duration can also be modified and managed as per requirement. In some tests, they have this criterion, which requires the candidates to make a minimum usage of backspace. Some other ones also display speed so that any candidate can analyze his performance. There are also options to reset any test. Some features enable individual options.

Final thoughts

The rules for each of these are different. The number of levels also keep varying. Adding to that, these help in the overall development of typing skills. Growth occurs from different angles, and also, there is skill development in various aspects. Some of these games are:

Key Tower


Nitro typing racer

Typing attack

Key bricks

Warp type city

Kendall Maze Version 2

Kendall Easy Version

Warp-Type City

Typhoon Fight (Multiplayer)

Type and Jump and Run

Key Space Station

Crazy monkey jumping

Guitar type

There is another section on this. It is known as Typing game.zone. This gaming zone contains games inside the game. A lot of different games that include playing methods in many different ways are present within this.

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