Binary Options Probot Review – Still Worth It In 2020?

binary options probot

It is just a quick review of a recently launched binary option named as Binary Options Probot. In the study, you will find about all you need to know regarding Binary Options Probot.

Before starting our review, we would like to tell our readers that Binary Options Probot is a SCAM, and it is highly recommended not to invest a single penny in this trading software because you will get nothing in return.

Binary Options Probot Review

It is one of the poor and completed fabricated binary options trading software which is backed by unknown affiliate marketers. We have analyzed this binary options trading software at our best and didn’t found a single reason to call it a legit trading software. The worst thing regarding this Binary Options Probot is that there is not much information about the software available on the official site as well as in the demonstration video.

What we found is an unknown voice of the anonymous user who provided us lots of reason to join this shady binary options. This trading software is completely automated and is based on a robust algorithm which has different components like MACD, William %R, RIS, Stoch, and CCI. Due to this reason, there is very less chance of losing trade. Binary Options Probot provide you 100% winning rate and by which you can earn around $3000 a day just by making few clicks. It is entirely automated and due to this reason a novice user with little computer skills can make a huge profit.

To know how this auto trading software works we checked the complete presentation video of Binary Options Probot embedded on the official site, but didn’t find a single sentence explaining how this software actually works. While doing research about it, we also analyzed that the promises made by that anonymous digital sound in the demonstration video are false, and their motive is to get the attention of the users who are new in trading and want to turn themselves into a billionaire in a week or a month.

Update (14 Jan 2020) – Binary Options Probot shady team has created another shady crypto funnel called as Bitcoin Trader App. It was recently exposed by the industry leader Sofy Raymond in her Bitcoin Trader review.

Binary Options Probot is a SCAM. Why?

There are lots of reasons why we raised our red flag for this trading software, and you will read about all of them in following lines:

Unprofessional Presentation Video

The first thing we disliked about Binary Options Probot is the way these affiliate marketers has created the pitch video of this trading software. The demonstration video is unprofessional as these scammers have used digital voice. If they have created video themselves, then it definitely looks more professional. The unfortunate part of this video presentation is that it is created by someone from

Now this confirms that they don’t want to reveal their identity because it is a SCAM.

How This Software Works. Not Revealed 

We have seen lots of fake binary options trading software on the web and everyone explain how their software works, whether it is based on GPS technology or fiber technology. We all know that these type of technology didn’t exist in real life, but at least they giving a reason to try their fake software. But how we can believe Binary Options Probot where we don’t even know how this trading software works.

Who is the Creator of the Binary Options Probot

In the pitch video, that anonymous voice shared lots of information about Binary Options Probot, but we nowhere found a single mention about who is a creator of this trading software. Now tell us one thing, how we can trust a binary option like this whose owner name and identity is not revealed anywhere.

Unprofessional Official Site and Poor Presentation

If you take a look at the official site of Binary Options Probot, then you will notice that it has a very cheap design. If you navigate at the bottom of the site, you will see “Frequently Asked Question” segment. Now if you try to read all the question and answers, and you will find that the content has lots of grammatic mistakes and written by the person whose first language is not English.

Fake Testimonials

On the site, there is a segment where you will see the testimonials of the users with their photos who had previously tried this binary options software. Now we have no doubt in our mind that all of them are stock images fetched from the web. Even the picture of the girl named as Inga Dzelzkains is picked from the web. You can check the following image as proof.

$3000 a Week is Not Possible

Yes, you can earn money using binary options, but no binary options trading software can make help you in making $3000 a day or week or even in a month. So this confirms that this site is providing lots of misleading information.

100% Winning Rate

No genuine trading software can provide you 100% winning rate. We’re into the trading business from long time and the basis of that experience we can say that. Even trading software who assure you this much Winning rate is undoubtedly a SCAM.

Free Demo Available. If you want to try the Software

Demo software is usually provided by genuine trading software and in the pitch video when we heard about demo software of Binary Options Probot we thought that it is legit and authentic. When we decided to get our free demo from. What we got is SCAM.


The only thing we would like to tell our readers is that Binary Options Probot is a SCAM backed by shady affiliate marketers, and we suggest all our readers stay away from it.

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