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How to deodorize vacuum cleaners:

Now, most of the people which use vacuum cleaner does not know that there comes a point in our vacuuming life when we experience a bad odor coming out from the vacuum cleaner. This can be due to multiple reasons. In this article, we will be discussing how to deodorize and keep the vacuum cleaner as clean and fragrant as possible.

The vacuum shown in this image is eureka forbes quick clean dx 1200 watt vacuum cleaner.

Steps to clean the vacuum cleaner :

  • First of all, you should regularly clean your vacuum from the inside and you should keep it open in sunlight because odor always causes due to microorganisms, and UV rays are the best option to kill them.
  • Using wet clothes for cleaning the insides of the vacuum cleaner. There are various liquids available in the market which are specially designed for electrical and electronic appliances.
  • Baggage vacuums are very efficient when it comes to odor control. The cleaning of these types of vacuums is also very easy and disassembling of these types of vacuuming is also easy. The most important advantage of baggage vacuums is that the dirt which is collected can be easily disposed of without any extra effort.
  • Cleaning and changing the filters help a lot when it comes to cutting down on odor.
  • Wiping the inside of the vacuum with war soap water is also an option if you don’t have the wiping liquid which was mentioned earlier. But it is preferable that you use wiping liquid which is designed and specifically made for electrical and electronic appliances.
  • Now, this might sound odd but don’t try to collect the shavings of your pet in the vacuum cleaners. It has been found that most of the time the shavings of pets get stuck inside the filter and they disturb the insulation causing the bad odor to escape from the vacuum head or any other part of the vacuum.
  • The other thing which you can do is cleaning the rotating vacuum attachment. It is also found that most of the time this is the part that causes the vacuum odor.

If your vacuum smells bad you really need this tip! Here's how to deodorize your vacuum cleaner so you can breathe freely again. If your vacuum smells bad you really need this tip! Here's how to deodorize your vacuum cleaner so you can breathe freely again.


  • The last thing which you can try is to upgrade your vacuum cleaner to premium ones. Nowadays many premium vacuum cleaners come with high qulity filters and use sensors to differentiate between different types of dirt. Some also have features of sensing the dirt which gets stuck in the filters and once the amount of dirt exceeds a certain value then an alarm is raised.

Conclusion: In this article, we discussed how to avoid the vacuum odor and also discussed how to deodorize it when it starts stinking.


9 Cool DIYs To Get Your Backyard Ready For Summer

With summer fast approaching in a few months, it’s time for outdoorsy people to make the most of their backyards and with our DIYs you can make sure to make the most of your backyard

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

These are cute addition to enjoy your backyard even at night

Things you will Need

  • Clear wine bottle(s)
  • Crafting pebbles
  • Tiki fuel
  • Tiki refill wicks
  • A brass coupling doohickey (the 3/8″ x 1/4″ fits perfectly)


Fill your wine bottle upto 1/3rd well with crafting pebbles, some might be too big for the mouth of the wine bottle, repurpose the bigger ones for some other DIY project. Proceed to fill the rest of the wine bottle with tiki fuel. Next put together the tiki refill wicks and the coupling doohickey. Fix the wick and coupling inside the wine. Make sure the wick is sufficiently submerged in the fuel. Using a matchstick or lighter, light the wicks and here you have your own backyard tiki torch.

Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game For Summer

Things you will Need

  • 14X8″ Wood Board (polished)
  • White Paint
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Ceramic Bowl
  • 10 smooth small sized stones


Make sure your board is smooth and the edges are smoothed out with no splinters on the edges. Find 10 pieces of smooth small sized stones, flat stones are ideal. Paint (X) on 5 stones and (O) on 5 stones. Leave it out to dry. Place the stones in a bowl and place it with the board. Enjoy your backyard tic tac toe!

Foot Washing Station

Things you will Need
  • Sturdy Pan/ Basin (big enough to fit in both feet)
  • Gravel
  • River stones (smooth stones which feel good on your feet)
  • Garden Hose

Take your pan/basin and drill uniformly placed holes under it, to allow for water to get drained, make sure the holes are small enough to only let the water flow through and not the gravel and stones too. Next will it half way with gravel and then add river stones which are easier on your feet. Place the basin on a grassy patch or deck to avoid mud dirtying your feet again.

Hanging Beach Lanterns

Things you will Need

  • Colourful mason jars
  • Decorative materials like shells or other trinkets
  • Sturdy Metal Thread
  • Candles


Take mason jars and decorate them as you would like, using colour tinted mason jars would give more beautiful results. Fill the jar with sand or rice to make it stable and to put the candle in position. Take metal wire and loop it around the neck of the bottle and leave the end long enough to be able to hang the jars. You could even place the jars wherever you like instead of hanging them. Place a candle inside the jar and light them at night

Note: Take care to not use, inflammable materials for decoration

Terra Cotta Pot Table

This Terra Cotta Pot Table is sure to blend right in to your backyard and would make for an adorable addition to your backyard furniture

Things you will Need

  • Large TerraCotta Pot with Sufficient width and height
  • Terra Cotta Tray (make sure its size is small enough to cover the mouth of the pot but large enough that it doesn’t sink in the pot)
  • Weatherproof paint

Paint both the pot and tray in colours that go well with the surroundings, cool and soothing tones make for a delightful addition. Consider applying multiple coats and letting the pot and tray sufficiently between the application of two coats. Once painted and dried, place the tray inside the pot and there you have your very own terracotta table

Terra Cotta S’mores Pit

Things you will Need
  • Medium sized terracotta pot
  • Aluminium foil
  • Charcoal
  • S’mores

Line your terracotta pot thoroughly with aluminum foil. Spread over charcoal on the foil. Place a ball of paper in the middle and light it up. Charcoal should begin to smoke soon enough. When the flames are low and charcoal has turned red, its the ideal time to make some S’mores.

Make sure the charcoal is not moist. Use a roasting fork to make S’mores.

Floating Beverage Boat

If you have a pool in your backyard, this DIY is for you.

Things you will Need

  • Pool Noodles
  • Plastic bin (rectangular shape)
  • Cord (sturdy)

Cut four pieces of the pool noodle, each piece aligning with one side of the plastic bin. Place each piece next to its corresponding side of the plastic bin, take the cord and pass it through each piece, so that it holds all of the pieces together in a sturdy manner around the plastic bin. Now you can enjoy your very own inexpensive beverage boat.

DIY Key Wind Chime

Another DIY which will blend right in with the natural beauty of your backyard. A wind chime fashioned out of things you can find right at your home

Things you will Need

  • Keys (at least 6)
  • Stick
  • Thread/ Yarn
  • Acrylic Paint


Paint your keys with different vibrant colours and let it out to dry. Paint the stick too, you can choose to paint it in different patterns. Next take thread and tie a string to each key. Make sure to maintain the same length of thread for each key. Now tie up the loose end of thread attached to each key to the stick. Take another long piece of thread and tie it on both ends of the stick, so that a loop is formed. Hang the wind chime using this loop.

Plant Markers

If you are a proud owner of a backyard kitchen garden or ornamental plants, here is a DIY for you to be able to flaunt the fruits of your labour (pun intended).

Things you will Need

  • Strips of wood (paint stirrers are a good option or thick ice cream sticks)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk


Paint the strips of wood on both sides, letting one side dry before painting the other. Leaving a bit of distance on one end is advisable as that edge would be used to plant the marker on the soil. Once dry, you can write the name of the plant variety on the stick and plant it next to the plants.…

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