Sutra‚Äôs Second Annual RESTIVAL!!


Sutra’s Yoga Retreat/Festival August 22-24, 2014!!


We call it a Restival. It’s bigger than most retreats, smaller and more replenishing and specific than most yoga festivals.

The intention of this gathering is to shower you with love and adoration through inspired yoga teachings, live music and/or healing energy work in yoga classes, meditation, local organic food & drinks, hiking, play time, celebration, and a special event each night of Vibrational Sound Healing, & Kirtan. As a community, we wish to share in an epic journey through many layers of spirit, with plenty of space for all types of celebration: rooting into quiet contemplation, flowing through sensory delights, and into celebration & manifestation of your soul’s most divine ways.
Other enchantments included with your stay are: Crystal singing bowls, Didjeridoo in yoga classes, drum journey, & optional healing sessions, just a few of which will be: massage, acupuncture, infrared sauna, psychic-intuitive work, nutrition response testing & energy & vibrational healing.

$305, all inclusive

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2014 Farm to Table Dinner at Sutra Farm

Join us at the Sutra Farm for a truly unique experience. We’ll begin with a picnic out in the pasture, come together for a short meditation, followed by a beautiful, locally sourced, organic, plated vegaterian affair, paired with sustainable wines or non-alcoholic elixirs. 

September 13th
Location: Sutra Farm 
(an hour NE of Seattle. You'll receive directions to the farm via email a few days before the event.)

Time: 4:30p-8:30p

Cost: $125/person 6 coursed with Wine or Non-A Elixers

Pre-Registration is required!

There are only two Farm to table dinners this summer, so sign up fast!

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2015 Mexico Retreat! with Amber & Colin

Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Amber Tande & Colin Patterson

7 Days. 7 Chakras. 7 Deities.
17 Acres!
Chacala, Mexico
Mar de Jade Retreat Center
February 21st-28th, 2014

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Come join us in Chacala Mexico for a super inspired 7 day retreat, at this gorgeous oceanfront retreat center nestled between the tropical jungle mountainside and the Pacific Ocean, on a 17 acre organic farm!!

Chacala is a small, authentic Mexican town on the ocean with a long, soft sand beach and calm gentle waters. We fell in love with this amazing place last year while making our way to the sacred site of Alta Vista.

Together, we’ll enter 7 Days of many ways of weaving through the 7 major chakras, and 7 deities; diving deep into the practices by playing, praying, moving, breathing, chanting, retreating, contemplating, story telling, resting & connecting; focusing from our deepest roots to the highest branches 1 day, 1 chakra, 1 deity at a time. All in the presence of sweet, authentic Mexican culture and warm ocean waters.

Our week together will be a deep and playful exploration of energy, through physical practices, a sprinkling of scientific theory, beautiful mythologies, and basic shamanic work. We’ll anchor the teachings with personal practices to help us each understand, hold, utilize, and release energy.

We’ll also explore how seven major deities can be accessed as unique and powerful energies to inspire the Divine expression of the soul through the ecstatic interplay of form and formless, seen and unseen.

Each day will include 2 yoga practices suitable for all levels and will be thoughtfully sequenced throughout the day and the week to maintain a steady & sustainable pace.

Some of the offerings include:
Optional Temazcal Ceremony!!!
Roots & Grounding Prana Vinyasa Yoga
Ceremony & Ritual.
Detox Flow Yoga
Practicing the Art of Presence
Drum Journeying
Bhakti Vinyasa & Invocation to Deities
Chakra Prana Plant Essence Flow
Journey through the 4 directions, Elements, & Spirit Keepers
Restorative Yoga
Meditation & Mantra
Creating a Sustainable Home Practice
Optional Trip to Ancient Sacred Ceremonial Hotspring Site

Price for this 7 day retreat includes:
3 beautiful organic farm to table meals a day, all your yoga offerings, room and all taxes, your stay on a gorgeous 17 acre beachfront retreat center.

Price depends on room style and number of people booked per room
Save $150 if booked by Aug. 15th, 2014!!
Space is limited.
50% non-refundable deposit due at time of booking.

To register, email sutraseattle@gmail.com and you’ll receive a response within 48 hours.

We’ll also have plenty of space woven into the schedule for honoring the spirit of ocean, earth, air, fire & space. We’ll get you hooked up with other experiences you’re wanting too. Healing and spa sessions, horseback riding, surfing, whale watching etc. Or, just enjoy the spaces in between for a nap or a swim.

Mama’s and Papas: Child care is available at the retreat center!

Note to all: You’re welcome to come with a beloved or friend not taking the week of yoga. Let us know if you need help with the pricing set up for that.

If you’re coming alone, but want to join in on shared room pricing, let us know and we can connect you with rooms available for sharing.



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