How to deodorize vacuum cleaners:

Now, most of the people which use vacuum cleaner does not know that there comes a point in our vacuuming life when we experience a bad odor coming out from the vacuum cleaner. This can be due to multiple reasons. In this article, we will be discussing how to deodorize and keep the vacuum cleaner as clean and fragrant as possible.

The vacuum shown in this image is eureka forbes quick clean dx 1200 watt vacuum cleaner.

Steps to clean the vacuum cleaner :

  • First of all, you should regularly clean your vacuum from the inside and you should keep it open in sunlight because odor always causes due to microorganisms, and UV rays are the best option to kill them.
  • Using wet clothes for cleaning the insides of the vacuum cleaner. There are various liquids available in the market which are specially designed for electrical and electronic appliances.
  • Baggage vacuums are very efficient when it comes to odor control. The cleaning of these types of vacuums is also very easy and disassembling of these types of vacuuming is also easy. The most important advantage of baggage vacuums is that the dirt which is collected can be easily disposed of without any extra effort.
  • Cleaning and changing the filters help a lot when it comes to cutting down on odor.
  • Wiping the inside of the vacuum with war soap water is also an option if you don’t have the wiping liquid which was mentioned earlier. But it is preferable that you use wiping liquid which is designed and specifically made for electrical and electronic appliances.
  • Now, this might sound odd but don’t try to collect the shavings of your pet in the vacuum cleaners. It has been found that most of the time the shavings of pets get stuck inside the filter and they disturb the insulation causing the bad odor to escape from the vacuum head or any other part of the vacuum.
  • The other thing which you can do is cleaning the rotating vacuum attachment. It is also found that most of the time this is the part that causes the vacuum odor.

If your vacuum smells bad you really need this tip! Here's how to deodorize your vacuum cleaner so you can breathe freely again. If your vacuum smells bad you really need this tip! Here's how to deodorize your vacuum cleaner so you can breathe freely again.


  • The last thing which you can try is to upgrade your vacuum cleaner to premium ones. Nowadays many premium vacuum cleaners come with high qulity filters and use sensors to differentiate between different types of dirt. Some also have features of sensing the dirt which gets stuck in the filters and once the amount of dirt exceeds a certain value then an alarm is raised.

Conclusion: In this article, we discussed how to avoid the vacuum odor and also discussed how to deodorize it when it starts stinking.


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