How to Listen to Music Without Damaging your Ears

We all love listening to songs every day. Many of us cannot survive a day without listening to music. But we’ve been bombarded by the people, especially the doctors who warn us about the ill effects of listening to music daily. It is indeed dangerous for our ears to listen to music without taking any precautions. We’ve seen many people who face hearing difficulties due to listening to music daily, wearing headphones. If you listen to music in the wrong way, you should stay alert and immediately take care of your ears.

If you are worried about your ears health and don’t want to damage them, there is nothing to worry about. There are a few tweaks or adjustments that you should perform to keep your ears in good condition. With the tips that the ENT specialist doctor shares, you can easily listen to music without damaging your ears. All you have to do is to sincerely follow these tips while listening to music, and you have nothing to worry about. In this post, we will share such tips that we tried ourselves, and they are working perfectly to reduce the strain on our ears and let us enjoy the music.

Music Listening Tips to Protect your Ears

#1 – Volume Adjustments

Most Android smartphones do come with audio warnings. The smartphones will ask for your confirmation if you exceed the volume levels above 60%. If you keep listening to the music over 60% of the volume, the ears will start getting damaged within 15 minutes. If you experience ear pain after listening to high volume music, it’s time to take a break till the ears are healed properly. To prevent any kind of issue, you should always adjust the volume and keep it below 60% all the time. The only exception, in this case, will be when the sound is very low, and you cannot hear anything in the video or the music file due to low sound.

#2 – Limited Time

Listening to music continuously for more than 60 minutes is not recommended at all. For your ears’ optimal health, you are listening to music for a maximum of 60 minutes or one hour is recommended. In fact, there are many scientific researches that claim that listening to the music for an hour is good for your mental health. Anything above that will start the degradation of your hearing capacity. The change is pretty subtle, but you’ll see the impact on your listening capacity in the coming years or even the months. Every 24 hours, you should limit your music listening to one hour only. If your work requires listening to music or keeping headphones on your ear, you should take breaks at regular intervals to prevent damage to your ears. The best time to take a break is either 30 minutes or when your earlobes start aching.

#3 – Stay Away from Loud Noise

Most of the parties will have the DJ playing the songs on the speakers. If the sound is low and comfortable, then there are no issues. But at the big parties, you’ll often hear the songs at full volume, which is damaging for the eardrum. You’llYou’ll immediately feel the reduction in the hearing capacity if you listen to the loud noise for more than a few minutes. Even if you love the bass, treble and the noise of the music from high-quality speakers, listening to them for a long time is damaging. The better way is to stay away from such loud noises. If you can stay away, it’s better to wear noise-cancelling earplugs. This will help you to filter the excess noise and keep your ears safe from the loud noise.

#4 – Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When people work in a loud environment and have to communicate with each other, wearing noise-cancelling earphones is recommended. Though, note that they are quite expensive. If you like listening to music while working in a loud noise environment, then it’s tempting to raise the volume to cancel external noise. With the noise-cancelling headphones, the external noise is cancelled automatically. So, it’s better to wear noise-cancelling headphones in a noisy environment. Make sure not to wear such headphones all the time. Otherwise, it’ll be bad for your ears.

Final Words

The doctors warn people of the side effects of using headphones for a long time. Millions of people ignore the advise and listen to music all day. Be it on the headphones or the speakers, listening to music is a daily activity for millions of people. Unfortunately, this is not a good habit, and you should do it in moderation for good health. We tried our best to share the working tricks that will teach you how to listen to music without damaging your ears.

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