Why Helmet is important for cycling?

Bicycling is one of the most practiced adventure sport or even an exercise. Cycling is also one of the best ways to keep your body fit and even reduce some weight.


· According to official reports, it is considered that cycling can help you burn body fat and build muscles. Make sure to choose best cycle under 15000 when you start it.

· According to a report, it is also considered that cycling can help you maintain your lungs and even breathing skills.

· There are various ways to keep your body and mind fit, but cycling is one of the most important and easiest ones. It can also help you reduce depression and anxiety.

· Cycling is also useful for environmental purposes because it does not emit co2 or Carbon emission, which helps the environment to get clean surroundings.

· Most people consider cycling a safer, cheaper way to travel for work or even for exercise purposes.

· There are more accidents on a bike as compared to another vehicle. People do get hurt because of a lack of motivation to wear a helmet.

· Many of you will think why is there a need to wearing any helmet if you are riding a bicycle, so here are some of the reasons you might consider wearing a helmet.

A helmet can protect you in various ways because it adds a layer to your upper head portion, protecting them from head injuries. Helmet introduces the force on your head, which can save your life, and that is one the most important thing.

A helmet is also a fashion component in your cycling suit as it makes you look professional. There is various kind of elements, which is built for proper aerodynamic skills and comfort.

The most important reason to wear a helmet is that they protect you from injury, and they are a small but necessary design element of a cycling suit



Strauss Cycling Helmet

Strauss has PVC foam protection and comes with an aerodynamic design. It has a standard size and also comes with adjustable headgear.

The design follows a dual-tone finish with high-quality material. It has a honeycomb design with vents over it. Aerodynamic honeycomb design helps the air to pass through your head.

  • High-quality material
  • Modern design
  • Honeycomb materialistic approach towards the design

JASPO B- Safe Guards

It comes within a group collection of knee guards, handguards, and head guard. The design has a blue and black shade with a dual-tone finish that looks premium.

  • It also comes with good elasticity for the knee cap.
  • It has a lightweight materialistic design and comes with a triple grill over the top.
  • The design follows an aerodynamic finish, which can go on any bicycle.

Overall this is a decent product under a very affordable price range, and you are getting the protection gears.

  • Sturdy materials.
  • Consistent color scheme.
  • Grouped collection of gear at a lower price.
  • Less price, more accessories


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