How to Listen to Music Without Damaging your Ears

We all love listening to songs every day. Many of us cannot survive a day without listening to music. But we’ve been bombarded by the people, especially the doctors who warn us about the ill effects of listening to music daily. It is indeed dangerous for our ears to listen to music without taking any precautions. We’ve seen many people who face hearing difficulties due to listening to music daily, wearing headphones. If you listen to music in the wrong way, you should stay alert and immediately take care of your ears.

If you are worried about your ears health and don’t want to damage them, there is nothing to worry about. There are a few tweaks or adjustments that you should perform to keep your ears in good condition. With the tips that the ENT specialist doctor shares, you can easily listen to music without damaging your ears. All you have to do is to sincerely follow these tips while listening to music, and you have nothing to worry about. In this post, we will share such tips that we tried ourselves, and they are working perfectly to reduce the strain on our ears and let us enjoy the music.

Music Listening Tips to Protect your Ears

#1 – Volume Adjustments

Most Android smartphones do come with audio warnings. The smartphones will ask for your confirmation if you exceed the volume levels above 60%. If you keep listening to the music over 60% of the volume, the ears will start getting damaged within 15 minutes. If you experience ear pain after listening to high volume music, it’s time to take a break till the ears are healed properly. To prevent any kind of issue, you should always adjust the volume and keep it below 60% all the time. The only exception, in this case, will be when the sound is very low, and you cannot hear anything in the video or the music file due to low sound.

#2 – Limited Time

Listening to music continuously for more than 60 minutes is not recommended at all. For your ears’ optimal health, you are listening to music for a maximum of 60 minutes or one hour is recommended. In fact, there are many scientific researches that claim that listening to the music for an hour is good for your mental health. Anything above that will start the degradation of your hearing capacity. The change is pretty subtle, but you’ll see the impact on your listening capacity in the coming years or even the months. Every 24 hours, you should limit your music listening to one hour only. If your work requires listening to music or keeping headphones on your ear, you should take breaks at regular intervals to prevent damage to your ears. The best time to take a break is either 30 minutes or when your earlobes start aching.

#3 – Stay Away from Loud Noise

Most of the parties will have the DJ playing the songs on the speakers. If the sound is low and comfortable, then there are no issues. But at the big parties, you’ll often hear the songs at full volume, which is damaging for the eardrum. You’llYou’ll immediately feel the reduction in the hearing capacity if you listen to the loud noise for more than a few minutes. Even if you love the bass, treble and the noise of the music from high-quality speakers, listening to them for a long time is damaging. The better way is to stay away from such loud noises. If you can stay away, it’s better to wear noise-cancelling earplugs. This will help you to filter the excess noise and keep your ears safe from the loud noise.

#4 – Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When people work in a loud environment and have to communicate with each other, wearing noise-cancelling earphones is recommended. Though, note that they are quite expensive. If you like listening to music while working in a loud noise environment, then it’s tempting to raise the volume to cancel external noise. With the noise-cancelling headphones, the external noise is cancelled automatically. So, it’s better to wear noise-cancelling headphones in a noisy environment. Make sure not to wear such headphones all the time. Otherwise, it’ll be bad for your ears.

Final Words

The doctors warn people of the side effects of using headphones for a long time. Millions of people ignore the advise and listen to music all day. Be it on the headphones or the speakers, listening to music is a daily activity for millions of people. Unfortunately, this is not a good habit, and you should do it in moderation for good health. We tried our best to share the working tricks that will teach you how to listen to music without damaging your ears.…

Why Helmet is important for cycling?

Bicycling is one of the most practiced adventure sport or even an exercise. Cycling is also one of the best ways to keep your body fit and even reduce some weight.


· According to official reports, it is considered that cycling can help you burn body fat and build muscles. Make sure to choose best cycle under 15000 when you start it.

· According to a report, it is also considered that cycling can help you maintain your lungs and even breathing skills.

· There are various ways to keep your body and mind fit, but cycling is one of the most important and easiest ones. It can also help you reduce depression and anxiety.

· Cycling is also useful for environmental purposes because it does not emit co2 or Carbon emission, which helps the environment to get clean surroundings.

· Most people consider cycling a safer, cheaper way to travel for work or even for exercise purposes.

· There are more accidents on a bike as compared to another vehicle. People do get hurt because of a lack of motivation to wear a helmet.

· Many of you will think why is there a need to wearing any helmet if you are riding a bicycle, so here are some of the reasons you might consider wearing a helmet.

A helmet can protect you in various ways because it adds a layer to your upper head portion, protecting them from head injuries. Helmet introduces the force on your head, which can save your life, and that is one the most important thing.

A helmet is also a fashion component in your cycling suit as it makes you look professional. There is various kind of elements, which is built for proper aerodynamic skills and comfort.

The most important reason to wear a helmet is that they protect you from injury, and they are a small but necessary design element of a cycling suit



Strauss Cycling Helmet

Strauss has PVC foam protection and comes with an aerodynamic design. It has a standard size and also comes with adjustable headgear.

The design follows a dual-tone finish with high-quality material. It has a honeycomb design with vents over it. Aerodynamic honeycomb design helps the air to pass through your head.

  • High-quality material
  • Modern design
  • Honeycomb materialistic approach towards the design

JASPO B- Safe Guards

It comes within a group collection of knee guards, handguards, and head guard. The design has a blue and black shade with a dual-tone finish that looks premium.

  • It also comes with good elasticity for the knee cap.
  • It has a lightweight materialistic design and comes with a triple grill over the top.
  • The design follows an aerodynamic finish, which can go on any bicycle.

Overall this is a decent product under a very affordable price range, and you are getting the protection gears.

  • Sturdy materials.
  • Consistent color scheme.
  • Grouped collection of gear at a lower price.
  • Less price, more accessories


Best Bass Earphones Buy in India

For fans of hip hop or rap music, the quality of the bass sound is very influential. Or maybe you are a lover of earphones with dominant bass. There’s nothing wrong with glancing at the brands that we will mention because the products they launch are the best for producing bass sound in the ears.

Sony WI-XB400

If we look at a glance, indeed, the Sony WI-XB400 has Sony’s standard packaging, relatively strong, with ordinary cardboard on the outside. Inside, we get the Sony WI-XB400 Bluetooth Earphones, a Type-C charging cable, extra ear tips, and a manual book. This is one of the best headphone under 1000.

If we talk about design, this Bluetooth earphone has a distinctive Sony design, minimalist and quite modernistic, with a driver size that is not too big. The driver itself also has a magnet, which is very helpful where it makes the earphones not easily wrinkled. The cable is quite good and has strong durability. When it comes to features, the Sony WI-XB400 uses a standard Bluetooth 4.0 connection and has a battery life of up to 15 hours. Several buttons are attached to the cable; there are volume control and a power button, useful as play/pause and call/reject buttons.

The Sony WI-XB400 Bluetooth earphones have a strong packaging and a minimalist and modern design, with a driver is not too bi and a cable with strong durability. The connection also uses standard Bluetooth 4.0 with a battery life of up to 15 hours. Fitting and using is also easy. With its warm character and low detail that is strong enough, and the price is around 800 thousand, then this will be very worth it once. Suitable for those of you who like Pop, Folk, Rock, and EDM music genres.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro have officially has been introduced, and with it comes a new wireless earphone, the Bullets Wireless Z. At first glance sounds like the successor to last year’s Bullets Wireless 2, but the reality is not that simple.

First of all, the Bullets Wireless Z sell for much cheaper than the Bullets Wireless 2; $ 50 versus $ 100. Of course, there are many differences with such a massive price difference. Still, it turns out that the Bullets Wireless Z is not completely inferior just because it is more affordable.

In terms of battery life, the Bullets Wireless Z is even superior, being able to operate for 20 hours non-stop on a single charge. Compare that with the Bullets Wireless,2, which “only” 14 hours. Fast charging support is maintained; 10 minutes of charging can supply enough power for 10 hours of use.

The aspect where the Bullets Wireless Z has to give in is sound quality. Technically, it is equipped with a dynamic driver with a diameter of 9.2 mm. It is quite different from the Bullets Wireless 2, which packs a dynamic driver as well as a balanced armature driver with a slightly larger diameter (10 mm).

On the Bullets Wireless Z product page, I also found no description that the device supports the aptX HD codec even though it packs Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Support for the aptX HD codec is one of the Bullets Wireless 2’s main selling points.

The rest, the two devices are relatively similar. The shapes and dimensions are nearly identical, and each Bullets Wireless Z earpiece is also magnetic so that it can be attached (then just put the device in place) when not in use. IP55 certification means he doesn’t mind getting caught in the rain.


Importance of Sanskrit Language

For Hindus, Sanskrit has a central role because it is used in various sacred texts. Not only Hinduism but several Buddhist holy books also use this language. Sanskrit is a classical language from Ancient India, commonly used by all high-class and cultured society members. Several Indian languages ​​such as Bengali and Hindi are derived from Sanskrit.

Several different writing systems are used for Sanskrit, with one of the most common being Devanagari. Apart from Devanagari, several Southeast Asian scripts and the Roman alphabet were also used to write in this language. The use of many different hands (alphabet systems) reflects other writing systems. Learn sanskrit typing by using english to sanskrit typing tool.

It allows the inhabitants of each region to use the most mastered scripts to write this language. Like other classical languages ​​such as Greek and Latin, knowledge of Sanskrit is essential for those who wish to read historical texts.

It is unifying the nation.

Sanskrit may not be as valuable for business and diplomacy between countries as Cantonese, France, or the English language. But everyone would agree that Sanskrit has a perfect philosophy. Millions of people around the world have names from the Sanskrit language, mainly of Asian descent.

In India, Sanskrit is the mainstay language as a unifying language. It may have the potential to become a national language. Nobel laureate physicist, Dr. C.V. Raman, believes that Sanskrit is the only language that could become India’s national language. “Sanskrit flows through our blood. Only Sanskrit can build the unity of the country. ”

The importance of a national language for a country is to create a strong perception of objects, properties, and words. National languages ​​can be born from various tribes, such as the National languages ​​of Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan. In India’s case, all Sanskrit words exist in every language, and it is not impossible if, in the future, the government formalizes this language as a unifying nation.

Train your brain

The National Brain Research Center (NBRC) states that their research on Sanskrit (Devanagari script) will activate the brain’s performance than humans reading Roman Scripts. Devanagari allows consonants to be written linearly from left to right with a vowel above them. So that person who read it vowels first then the consonants.

Increase love of ancient Indian tales

Authentic Indians should at least understand the Sanskrit language, even if they are not very skilled. Most ancient Indian manuscripts tell fairy tales or historical traces such as the Veda, Geeta, Upanishad, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Arthashashtra, and other figures. All the best literary works are born from Sanskrit, Indian medical sciences such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Indian Philosophy, Vedic Mathematics or Astrology also use Sanskrit notes.

Boost English skills

Not just nonsense, but scientifically proven by a linguist from Germany. He says that “It is precisely called Sanskrit, that is, perfected, finished …. Sanskrit combines these various qualities, which are shared separately by other languages: The abundance of Greek, deep Roman power, divine afflatus characterizes Hebrew.” Perhaps sentence structure and almost the same language that makes it easier for someone to speak English, as well as the second fact that Sanskrit allows movement of brain performance.

The most influential language in Asia

The ancient Indians made many trips to various countries like Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. India greatly influenced ancient kingdoms in Indonesia; most of the ancient languages in Indonesia came from Sanskrit. Some of them have even been adopted as regional and national languages. Sanskrit philosophy has influenced many languages of the world, and India should be proud of this fact.


How to deodorize vacuum cleaners:

Now, most of the people which use vacuum cleaner does not know that there comes a point in our vacuuming life when we experience a bad odor coming out from the vacuum cleaner. This can be due to multiple reasons. In this article, we will be discussing how to deodorize and keep the vacuum cleaner as clean and fragrant as possible.

The vacuum shown in this image is eureka forbes quick clean dx 1200 watt vacuum cleaner.

Steps to clean the vacuum cleaner :

  • First of all, you should regularly clean your vacuum from the inside and you should keep it open in sunlight because odor always causes due to microorganisms, and UV rays are the best option to kill them.
  • Using wet clothes for cleaning the insides of the vacuum cleaner. There are various liquids available in the market which are specially designed for electrical and electronic appliances.
  • Baggage vacuums are very efficient when it comes to odor control. The cleaning of these types of vacuums is also very easy and disassembling of these types of vacuuming is also easy. The most important advantage of baggage vacuums is that the dirt which is collected can be easily disposed of without any extra effort.
  • Cleaning and changing the filters help a lot when it comes to cutting down on odor.
  • Wiping the inside of the vacuum with war soap water is also an option if you don’t have the wiping liquid which was mentioned earlier. But it is preferable that you use wiping liquid which is designed and specifically made for electrical and electronic appliances.
  • Now, this might sound odd but don’t try to collect the shavings of your pet in the vacuum cleaners. It has been found that most of the time the shavings of pets get stuck inside the filter and they disturb the insulation causing the bad odor to escape from the vacuum head or any other part of the vacuum.
  • The other thing which you can do is cleaning the rotating vacuum attachment. It is also found that most of the time this is the part that causes the vacuum odor.

If your vacuum smells bad you really need this tip! Here's how to deodorize your vacuum cleaner so you can breathe freely again. If your vacuum smells bad you really need this tip! Here's how to deodorize your vacuum cleaner so you can breathe freely again.


  • The last thing which you can try is to upgrade your vacuum cleaner to premium ones. Nowadays many premium vacuum cleaners come with high qulity filters and use sensors to differentiate between different types of dirt. Some also have features of sensing the dirt which gets stuck in the filters and once the amount of dirt exceeds a certain value then an alarm is raised.

Conclusion: In this article, we discussed how to avoid the vacuum odor and also discussed how to deodorize it when it starts stinking.


Binary Options Probot Review – Still Worth It In 2020?

It is just a quick review of a recently launched binary option named as Binary Options Probot. In the study, you will find about all you need to know regarding Binary Options Probot.

Before starting our review, we would like to tell our readers that Binary Options Probot is a SCAM, and it is highly recommended not to invest a single penny in this trading software because you will get nothing in return.

Binary Options Probot Review

It is one of the poor and completed fabricated binary options trading software which is backed by unknown affiliate marketers. We have analyzed this binary options trading software at our best and didn’t found a single reason to call it a legit trading software. The worst thing regarding this Binary Options Probot is that there is not much information about the software available on the official site as well as in the demonstration video.

What we found is an unknown voice of the anonymous user who provided us lots of reason to join this shady binary options. This trading software is completely automated and is based on a robust algorithm which has different components like MACD, William %R, RIS, Stoch, and CCI. Due to this reason, there is very less chance of losing trade. Binary Options Probot provide you 100% winning rate and by which you can earn around $3000 a day just by making few clicks. It is entirely automated and due to this reason a novice user with little computer skills can make a huge profit.

To know how this auto trading software works we checked the complete presentation video of Binary Options Probot embedded on the official site, but didn’t find a single sentence explaining how this software actually works. While doing research about it, we also analyzed that the promises made by that anonymous digital sound in the demonstration video are false, and their motive is to get the attention of the users who are new in trading and want to turn themselves into a billionaire in a week or a month.

Update (14 Jan 2020) – Binary Options Probot shady team has created another shady crypto funnel called as Bitcoin Trader App. It was recently exposed by the industry leader Sofy Raymond in her Bitcoin Trader review.

Binary Options Probot is a SCAM. Why?

There are lots of reasons why we raised our red flag for this trading software, and you will read about all of them in following lines:

Unprofessional Presentation Video

The first thing we disliked about Binary Options Probot is the way these affiliate marketers has created the pitch video of this trading software. The demonstration video is unprofessional as these scammers have used digital voice. If they have created video themselves, then it definitely looks more professional. The unfortunate part of this video presentation is that it is created by someone from

Now this confirms that they don’t want to reveal their identity because it is a SCAM.

How This Software Works. Not Revealed 

We have seen lots of fake binary options trading software on the web and everyone explain how their software works, whether it is based on GPS technology or fiber technology. We all know that these type of technology didn’t exist in real life, but at least they giving a reason to try their fake software. But how we can believe Binary Options Probot where we don’t even know how this trading software works.

Who is the Creator of the Binary Options Probot

In the pitch video, that anonymous voice shared lots of information about Binary Options Probot, but we nowhere found a single mention about who is a creator of this trading software. Now tell us one thing, how we can trust a binary option like this whose owner name and identity is not revealed anywhere.

Unprofessional Official Site and Poor Presentation

If you take a look at the official site of Binary Options Probot, then you will notice that it has a very cheap design. If you navigate at the bottom of the site, you will see “Frequently Asked Question” segment. Now if you try to read all the question and answers, and you will find that the content has lots of grammatic mistakes and written by the person whose first language is not English.

Fake Testimonials

On the site, there is a segment where you will see the testimonials of the users with their photos who had previously tried this binary options software. Now we have no doubt in our mind that all of them are stock images fetched from the web. Even the picture of the girl named as Inga Dzelzkains is picked from the web. You can check the following image as proof.

$3000 a Week is Not Possible

Yes, you can earn money using binary options, but no binary options trading software can make help you in making $3000 a day or week or even in a month. So this confirms that this site is providing lots of misleading information.

100% Winning Rate

No genuine trading software can provide you 100% winning rate. We’re into the trading business from long time and the basis of that experience we can say that. Even trading software who assure you this much Winning rate is undoubtedly a SCAM.

Free Demo Available. If you want to try the Software

Demo software is usually provided by genuine trading software and in the pitch video when we heard about demo software of Binary Options Probot we thought that it is legit and authentic. When we decided to get our free demo from. What we got is SCAM.


The only thing we would like to tell our readers is that Binary Options Probot is a SCAM backed by shady affiliate marketers, and we suggest all our readers stay away from it. …

9 Cool DIYs To Get Your Backyard Ready For Summer

With summer fast approaching in a few months, it’s time for outdoorsy people to make the most of their backyards and with our DIYs you can make sure to make the most of your backyard

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

These are cute addition to enjoy your backyard even at night

Things you will Need

  • Clear wine bottle(s)
  • Crafting pebbles
  • Tiki fuel
  • Tiki refill wicks
  • A brass coupling doohickey (the 3/8″ x 1/4″ fits perfectly)


Fill your wine bottle upto 1/3rd well with crafting pebbles, some might be too big for the mouth of the wine bottle, repurpose the bigger ones for some other DIY project. Proceed to fill the rest of the wine bottle with tiki fuel. Next put together the tiki refill wicks and the coupling doohickey. Fix the wick and coupling inside the wine. Make sure the wick is sufficiently submerged in the fuel. Using a matchstick or lighter, light the wicks and here you have your own backyard tiki torch.

Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game For Summer

Things you will Need

  • 14X8″ Wood Board (polished)
  • White Paint
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Ceramic Bowl
  • 10 smooth small sized stones


Make sure your board is smooth and the edges are smoothed out with no splinters on the edges. Find 10 pieces of smooth small sized stones, flat stones are ideal. Paint (X) on 5 stones and (O) on 5 stones. Leave it out to dry. Place the stones in a bowl and place it with the board. Enjoy your backyard tic tac toe!

Foot Washing Station

Things you will Need
  • Sturdy Pan/ Basin (big enough to fit in both feet)
  • Gravel
  • River stones (smooth stones which feel good on your feet)
  • Garden Hose

Take your pan/basin and drill uniformly placed holes under it, to allow for water to get drained, make sure the holes are small enough to only let the water flow through and not the gravel and stones too. Next will it half way with gravel and then add river stones which are easier on your feet. Place the basin on a grassy patch or deck to avoid mud dirtying your feet again.

Hanging Beach Lanterns

Things you will Need

  • Colourful mason jars
  • Decorative materials like shells or other trinkets
  • Sturdy Metal Thread
  • Candles


Take mason jars and decorate them as you would like, using colour tinted mason jars would give more beautiful results. Fill the jar with sand or rice to make it stable and to put the candle in position. Take metal wire and loop it around the neck of the bottle and leave the end long enough to be able to hang the jars. You could even place the jars wherever you like instead of hanging them. Place a candle inside the jar and light them at night

Note: Take care to not use, inflammable materials for decoration

Terra Cotta Pot Table

This Terra Cotta Pot Table is sure to blend right in to your backyard and would make for an adorable addition to your backyard furniture

Things you will Need

  • Large TerraCotta Pot with Sufficient width and height
  • Terra Cotta Tray (make sure its size is small enough to cover the mouth of the pot but large enough that it doesn’t sink in the pot)
  • Weatherproof paint

Paint both the pot and tray in colours that go well with the surroundings, cool and soothing tones make for a delightful addition. Consider applying multiple coats and letting the pot and tray sufficiently between the application of two coats. Once painted and dried, place the tray inside the pot and there you have your very own terracotta table

Terra Cotta S’mores Pit

Things you will Need
  • Medium sized terracotta pot
  • Aluminium foil
  • Charcoal
  • S’mores

Line your terracotta pot thoroughly with aluminum foil. Spread over charcoal on the foil. Place a ball of paper in the middle and light it up. Charcoal should begin to smoke soon enough. When the flames are low and charcoal has turned red, its the ideal time to make some S’mores.

Make sure the charcoal is not moist. Use a roasting fork to make S’mores.

Floating Beverage Boat

If you have a pool in your backyard, this DIY is for you.

Things you will Need

  • Pool Noodles
  • Plastic bin (rectangular shape)
  • Cord (sturdy)

Cut four pieces of the pool noodle, each piece aligning with one side of the plastic bin. Place each piece next to its corresponding side of the plastic bin, take the cord and pass it through each piece, so that it holds all of the pieces together in a sturdy manner around the plastic bin. Now you can enjoy your very own inexpensive beverage boat.

DIY Key Wind Chime

Another DIY which will blend right in with the natural beauty of your backyard. A wind chime fashioned out of things you can find right at your home

Things you will Need

  • Keys (at least 6)
  • Stick
  • Thread/ Yarn
  • Acrylic Paint


Paint your keys with different vibrant colours and let it out to dry. Paint the stick too, you can choose to paint it in different patterns. Next take thread and tie a string to each key. Make sure to maintain the same length of thread for each key. Now tie up the loose end of thread attached to each key to the stick. Take another long piece of thread and tie it on both ends of the stick, so that a loop is formed. Hang the wind chime using this loop.

Plant Markers

If you are a proud owner of a backyard kitchen garden or ornamental plants, here is a DIY for you to be able to flaunt the fruits of your labour (pun intended).

Things you will Need

  • Strips of wood (paint stirrers are a good option or thick ice cream sticks)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk


Paint the strips of wood on both sides, letting one side dry before painting the other. Leaving a bit of distance on one end is advisable as that edge would be used to plant the marker on the soil. Once dry, you can write the name of the plant variety on the stick and plant it next to the plants.…

4 Typing Games To Boost You’re Typing Speed


Games these days are playing a significant role when it comes to understanding the techniques and the correct strokes in a keyboard. Playing games which help you improve typing skills, make you learn to type without you even realizing that you are doing some work. One indulges in the act of playing games for fun and ends up developing this skill. This skill gets into one without much hard work is because once a person gets addicted to a particular game, he automatically goes through rigorous practice.

Also, these games help one to gain speed while typing. This process does not seem hectic. One can enjoy while playing. Here, we will go through four typing games that are the top ones in the list of those games, which boosts their typing speed.


* This is a multiplayer game.

* One requires a proper browser as this is an online browser-based game. Any browser, for example, chrome or Mozilla, would suffice.

* The launching of this game was in March 2008. It claims to be the first typing game on the web to have this multiplayer system.

1.1 A walk through the history of this

  • The famous programmer, Alex Epshtyen, was the one to launch this game, which later on turned out to be very popular among enthusiasts who wished to improve their typing skills by working on their speed.
  • Alex Epshtyen worked on his own. He used the OpenSocial API and the Google Web Toolkit to do this. These tools were quite useful in creating the desired features in the game.
  • The inspiration behind developing this game was a shareware Windows program that was used by Epshtyen to touch type in the process of teaching himself. But, this one didn’t have a multiplayer mode.
  • Epshtyen does not describe himself as a hardcore gamer. He had never played any other multiplayer games. An example of this is ‘The Typing of the Dead.’
  • After going through this new feature, former Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing engineer contacted him and extended approval for TypeRacer. Epshtyen has a master’s degree in Computer Science domain from UMass Amherst. Also, he was an intern at Google in 2005.
  • ILoveTyping was on the list of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites of 2008.

1.2 The central angle- how do they play?

  • In this game, there is a competition between players who have to indulge in a race. This race involves miniature cars. The cars move further every time a participant types a short paragraph of around 20 to 100 words. The rate of movement varies according to the length of the section.
  • There is a requirement of accuracy as this is concerned with making the users develop mastery in their strokes. So, every time there is a mistake, users have to revert and rectify the errors to attain accuracy with speed and practice.
  • The passages that one has to type and practice comes from famous songs, films, and books, for example, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • Apart from this, the users have a provision for contributing to these pieces.
  • There have been occasions when some users had a typing speed of over or around 200 words per minute. There arose a suspicion that they might be robots. Also, they were said to be cheating. TypeRacer has taken lots of measures to restrict such a thing.
  • One of this step is a sort of protection which requires users to enter a CAPTCHA. If they get through this, they are allowed to perform for a score that is supposed to be twenty-five percent higher to activate the CAPTCHA test once more.

Keyboard Typing Game

This game is a relatively simple typing game that allows one to develop coordination between the hand and eye. This game was there into existence for people who are new to typing. There are multiple levels included in this game. The first step is to clear level 1. The first step leads to the next level, that is, level 2. In level 1, one has to type the single letters in a falling down pattern. Then one moves to level 2. In this level, according to the design which is there, all messages fall at a single time.


Letter typing game


Typing of letters is a practice game which is for kids in a particular age group. This game has been specially designed for kids. This letter typing game is constructive. The methods that are used in this allow you to practice typing words. This is very useful in building coordination between the hand and eye. So, this starts with many monsters attacking you. All one is required to do is to type the name of the beast. This typing has to be done after it attacks and before it swallows you. It is beneficial for regular practice and compelling developments of efficient strokes.

Typing Master


Typing Master is a typing game app that has many inbuilt features. Also, this has another section that can be used to create a gaming test. This section is called Typing Test pro. Typing test pro can be used primarily by employers and by other people involved in the business recruitment process. These tests can be designed to be purpose-specific.

  • The typing tests that can be created are professional and are tailor-made.
  • Typing Test Pro is straightforward to use. It is swift and is based on the web. It can be customized as suited to one’s needs. This section is mainly used for training purposes and to carry out other business activities
  • Only three steps need to be followed for setting up a test. This can be done very quickly. First, a check is created. Then the test takers are invited. Then the results and the conclusion are driven.
  • These tests that are created are customized and professional. And, as mentioned above, the steps are quite straightforward. All one needs to do is to subscribe.
  • Typing skills can be easily accessed through these methods. Many purposes can be covered through this one single feature. The areas mainly include education, e-learning, practice, evaluation of employees, and many other regions.
  • Moreover, these tests can be easily set up. Also, these can be modified according to one’s business needs. Almost an exact match can be achieved to the vision.
  • Results can be delivered instantly. This instant delivery is because this is an automatic process, and everything is online. This rule does not require a lot of calculations to generate results. Progress of individual performers can be measured, and decisions are made based on ideas that are created instantly. There is a choice of either creating real-time test results or hiding them and then, revealing at the right moment.
  • This process of recruitment is ingenious and efficient. This hiring process can yield beneficial results and helps in making the right choices of candidates that are required and suited for the purpose. One can do a comparative analysis of the typing skills of the candidates before hiring them.
  • Another main benefit that eases the entire process is that no installation is required. The method of test creation is very efficient and time-effective. One is merely required to subscribe, create tests, and invite the individuals who have to appear for the same. The recruitment agendas get fulfilled satisfactorily.
  • The test duration can also be modified and managed as per requirement. In some tests, they have this criterion, which requires the candidates to make a minimum usage of backspace. Some other ones also display speed so that any candidate can analyze his performance. There are also options to reset any test. Some features enable individual options.

Final thoughts

The rules for each of these are different. The number of levels also keep varying. Adding to that, these help in the overall development of typing skills. Growth occurs from different angles, and also, there is skill development in various aspects. Some of these games are:

Key Tower


Nitro typing racer

Typing attack

Key bricks

Warp type city

Kendall Maze Version 2

Kendall Easy Version

Warp-Type City

Typhoon Fight (Multiplayer)

Type and Jump and Run

Key Space Station

Crazy monkey jumping

Guitar type

There is another section on this. It is known as Typing This gaming zone contains games inside the game. A lot of different games that include playing methods in many different ways are present within this.…

Best Car Music System Reviews of 2020

Looking for some best car music systems for 2020? Stop searching and scroll through!

This article talks about a few of the best car stereo systems that would give you the comfort expected. Let us take a look at what makes them a sure bet for 2020.

Here is why we suggest music while driving

Listening to music while driving has therapeutic power. It is the sound that scintillates. Even recent science agrees with the same. Lapo Elkann, the president of Fiat Group, says, “I like listening to music and driving. How do you say… It’s the only way I can ‘chillax'”. Do you agree with him? Yes, we will suggest you the best in-car music systems for 2020. You don’t agree with him? Give it a try at the list below, and you will also agree with Lapo Elkann.

Everything you need to know about a car-music system!

In 1930, the world’s first car stereo consisted of only a pure AM radio. It was also saddening to see the stereo system tending to catch on fire. But as years passed by, efficient systems were built which doesn’t catch fire. Over the years, features like FM radio, tape players, cassette players, CD players, DVD players were added. Credits to recent technological interventions. We could even do facetime and feel like home while we are on-road miles away from home.

Know the ABC’s of car stereo system

So how do you choose an intelligent method for your car? What makes it a sound system? Before we become to the list of best car music systems for 2020, let us know everything about a car stereo system.

Due to intelligence about the fundamentals of a car audio system will help you understand the differences in the market junk. The three major components of the system comprise of

  • Head Unit
  • Display
  • Integration features
  • Connectivity
  • Amplifiers
  • Internally mounted
  • Externally mounted
  • Speakers
  • Coaxial
  • Individual
  • Independent subwoofer

Although many cars come with an inbuilt music system, there is an option for top-up even concerning a music system.

In addition, the stereo size provided in the car you own gets the most important say in choosing the music system. When a vehicle is not fitted with an inbuilt music player, the choice of selecting a music player for the given space lies with the customer.

Single DIN – 7×2 inches, Double DIN 7×4 inches. So, remember to precheck with the existing available space before you purchase a music player for your car.

Audio systems these days are more complex, entertaining, and confusing. But it is not going to be complicated anymore. Our list of best car music system for 2020 will help you choose.

Pioneer AVH-4200NEX

A purely only audio system with the best sound quality. “A system that can do and play anything.”

  • The 7-inch touch screen interface which can be perfect for your usage and listening to music’s nonstop
  • Built-in AM/FM radio tuner
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatible
  • Three sets of Hi-volt RCA pre-outs for system expansion
  • Additional control buttons
  • Integrability with smartphones
    • Works well for apple and android
  • Works well with Podcasts
    • Spotify
    • Pandora
    • SiriusXM
  • Two-year warranty against any malfunctioning
  • Compatibility to multiple music files
    • Plays FLAC, WMA, AAC, WAV, MP3, MP4, DivX, MPEG 1-4, AVI

What we liked about it

  • Ease for understanding the function
  • The best sound quality in the market
  • Features can be customized

What we didn’t like in it

  • In-built applications could have been better
  • The system crashes occasionally
  • No additional inbuilt navigation features
  • No remote-control application


Choose this intuitive, smartly designed minimalist system from JVC.

  • 6.8 inch intuitively designed touch interface
  • Resistive touch panel display
  • Double DIN receiver
    • Lets you store preferences and subwoofer
    • High sound quality
    • Up to 192/kHz for 24bit audio
    • 6.5 times of playback quality than that of a CD player
    • Bass boost 3-way crossover ensures original audio’s frequencies
    • Bluetooth AVRCP1.5 for Apple’s Carplay and Android Auto
    • Two phone integration compatibility
    • Remote control application
    • Podcast compatible
    • SiriusXM Ready
    • Pandora
    • Spotify
    • Integrable with
    • 1.5 A charging unit
    • Rearview camera
    • Plugin wifi

What we liked about it

  • Features rich interface
  • The best sound quality in the market
  • Features can be customized
  • Intuitive design

What we didn’t like in it

  • Too many features to be handled with ease
  • The system occasionally crashes with android auto
  • No additional inbuilt navigation features

Pioneer DEH-X6900BT

This one for the budget buyers. Forget those extra rich features. It is the best at what it has.

  • Minimalistic car stereo system
  • Bluetooth connectivity for music and voice call integration
  • Adjustable illumination and brightness USB quick charge
  • Single DIN receiver
  • USB and AUX input
  • Adjustable illumination and brightness USB quick charge
    • High sound quality
    • Up to 192/kHz for 24bit audio
    • Five band equalizers

What we liked about it

  • Useful features for its price
  • The best sound quality in the market

What we didn’t like in it

  • Not feature-rich
  • Dim display at even highest brightness

Kenwood Excelon DMX 905s

Relatively excellent sound quality at affordable prices.

  • 6.95-inch touch screen monitor
  • Can connect up to 5 audio sources and two phones at a time
  • Connects to Android Auto and Apple Car play via USB
  • Limited wireless connections
  • Single pin DIN digital media receiver
  • Excellent sound quality with 2-watt RMS (50-watt peak) powered four channel speakers
  • 13 band equalizers

What we liked about it

  • Good sound customization
  • Dashcam compatible

What we didn’t like in it

  • Not feature-rich
  • Glitchy app interface
  • Wireless connection works with selective models
  • Doesn’t play CD or DVD’s

Kenwood DDX9906XR

  • 6.8-inch HD display
  • Pairs up to 5 devices at a time
  • Access to three cameras
  • Inbuilt navigation system
  • Incorporates Apple Carplay & android’s auto
  • Supports FLAC and WAV, to MP3, WMA, and AAC
  • 13-band equalizer

What we liked about it

  • Good sound customization
  • Dashcam compatible

What we didn’t like in it

  • Glitchy app interface
  • Doesn’t play CD or DVD’s

Sony XAV-AX5000

“Less is more” – the mantra of this one.

  • 6.8-inch HD display
  • Easy to use capacitive touch screen
  • Double DIN
  • Incorporates Apple Carplay & android’s auto
  • 2 USB ports for media and phone connection
  • Supports up to two phones at a time
  • Dynamic Reality Amp 2 for the sound
  • Dynamic Stage Organizer for improved sound quality

What we liked about it

  • Good sound customization
  • Powerful and elegant

What we didn’t like in it

  • Doesn’t play CD or DVD’s, many other sound types
  • No inbuilt navigation system

Sony MEX-GS820BT

  • Button controlled interface
  • NFC pairing
  • Four-channel class D amplifiers
  • Stereo imaging for virtual speakers
  • Single DIN
  • Extra bass option
  • Three high-voltage pre-outs
  • Easy to use capacitive touch screen
  • Double DIN
  • Plays hi-res FLAC files
  • Two USB and an AUX
  • Optional steering wheel audio control

What we liked about it

  • crystal clear music
  • Powerful and elegant

What we didn’t like in it

  • Doesn’t play CD or DVD’s, many other sound types
  • No touch screen or remote control
  • No inbuilt navigation system

Alpine CDE-HD149BT

  • Single DIN car music player
  • 24-bit acquisition system for pristine sound quality
  • Nine band equalizers for fine-tuning
  • 18 Watts amplifiers
  • Bluetooth, Aux, USB connectivity
  • Six rear RCA jacks for expandability
  • The display can be toggled to 4 different colors
  • iPhone and Android smartphone compatible

What we liked about it

  • Pristine sound quality
  • Best in the budget range
  • Supports multimedia types

What we didn’t like in it

  • No touch screen or remote control
  • Not feature-rich
  • No inbuilt navigation system

Sony WX-920BT

  • Double DIN car music system
  • Retro look features
  • 10-bit acquisition system for pristine sound quality
  • Ten band equalizers for fine-tuning
  • Bluetooth, Aux, USB connectivity
  • Two rear RCA jacks for expandability
  • The display can be toggled to 4 different colors
  • iPhone and Android smartphone compatible
  • Extra bass

What we liked about it

  • Pristine sound quality
  • Best in the budget range

What we didn’t like in it

  • No touch screen or remote control
  • Not feature-rich
  • No inbuilt navigation system
  • Doesn’t support recent sound formats

Kenwood DNX996XR

  • 6.8-inch touchscreen interface
  • Double DIN car music system
  • Voice-controlled also
  • High-sensitivity GNSS receiver antenna
  • 24 band equalizers for fine-tuning
  • Inbuilt with Garmin navigation
What we liked about it
  • Pristine sound quality
  • Features rich interface
What we didn’t like in it
  • Expensive
Points to remember before purchasing a system
  • Price – Set a budget. The existing systems will amaze you with different price ranges. This way, you will save hours in choosing the right one.
  • Size – no front panel will ever be custom designed. It is hugely important to consider factory size and space given. An underfitting system also provides a glitchy look. So, make sure you know the minimum and maximum dimensions to fit in the right player.
  • Power Output – The Watts per channel is usually not set high as it would eat away the battery. However, adding an amplifier will overrun the head unit. Loud noises can also distract your driving. Hence choose speakers who are well within the power ratings of the head unit
  • Video integration – Recent advances let the customer use both audio and video features. When you purchase a system that can play AVI, make sure the car has a build to accommodate the overhead display for video watch. Also, it might not be a good practice to include video options for personal vehicles as it would the highest source of distraction on the road while driving.
  • Audio settings – It is always good to be geared up for the future. With growing multimedia, systems with no updated features may not handle the new audio formats, which leave you with no choice but change the entire system.
  • Smart device integration – Your smartphone/ gadget may store the favorites. To play your favorite music, and navigation, onto the car, is the most ergonomic feature to look for in the systems. Wireless connections would be an add on as it prevents distraction.


The best therapy is sometimes a drive and some music. Patience with the traffic, navigating through long routes will be cognitively and physically demanding. It becomes recurrent over a period of time. Break this effect of gridlocks and asphalt on you. Thanks to these advanced music systems for your car. Now listen to some sophisticated music and soothe the soul.

With music, stay relaxed but not distracted!…

Fasting For Body, Mind, and Spirit Health

Why fasting is necessary for you?

Fasting refers to a willing denial of food, drinks, or both for a certain period or entirely in some instances. It might also refer to a reduction of intake of all or specific edible items such as food, beverages, or other drinks. There are various types of fasting, but let’s take a brief look at what the bible has prescribed as categories in a proper ‘fast.’ First comes the ‘Regular fast.’ It refers to refraining from eating any kind of food, although some people believe the notion that drinking water or juices are acceptable. Then we have the ‘Partial fast.’ It refers to the fact that one is allowed only specific meals at distinct times of the day. Finally, the ‘Full fast’ refers to altogether avoiding consumption of any kind of food item.

The general concept that changes life

Fasting, in general, has various benefits from weight loss to improved functioning of the brain. For the body, fasting may come to aid for multiple common conditions that are faced by us like diabetes, inflammation, heart health, general metabolism, aging, etc. It has been observed that intermittent fasting has helped patients obtain low blood sugar levels. Also, alternate day fasting has helped to reveal that it can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol (Also known as “Bad” cholesterol) and triglycerides. There have also been studies that suggested that fasting could help obtain enhanced cognitive function and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The most common and the most popular aspect of fasting is losing weight. According to some studies, it has been found that it helps in boosting metabolism and increases the levels of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which in return aids the weight loss process.

A funny fact that has been established world-wide is that fasting also helps us appreciate the food better.

Researchers and studies have shown the relevancy of fasting

Some studies also focused on fasting straight for 24-hours, just to note the ripple effect of it on our body. During these hours, what happens to our bodies is of utmost importance. During the first few hours, the organization continues to burn the carbohydrates present in our collection. But after a few hours, these are depleted, and the body finally shifts to fasting mode. In this mode, the body goes into a state called glucogenesis (making its glucose mainly from the fat stored), which is known to boost up calories burnt in our collection.

If we continue on this path, then we reach a state where the body switches to muscle-burning state or starvation mode. Here the muscle tissues are burned for the supply of energy, and the metabolism also slows down. It has been well established that to enter actual tissue burning state; one has to go through fasting for consecutive days or weeks. If done correctly and without any medical condition, a person can successfully go for a 24 hour fast.

With all these physical benefits come a bunch of restrictions. It has been advised that this should be taken into practice by people with diabetes, with a history of eating disorders, on medication that requires them to be taken with food, young children/adolescents, or expecting mothers.

The benefits of fasting and personal choice

Despite the availability and the benefits that along with fasting, one should always remember that this is purely a personal choice. If one feels the need to try it out or fast for a specific purpose, then he/she should be clear about it. Wrong practices might lead to a requirement of urgent medical attention.

When it comes to the effects of it on our minds, we can see the difference on various levels. Our brain on intermittent fasting benefits the brain by increasing the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

This acts as a growth factor for the new neurons and helps them communicate with one another. It’s a natural antidepressant. It’s also found that BDNF aids the longer and healthier life of neurons by resisting common diseases (like dementia) and injury (like strokes). All this happens while maintaining the proper neuron function and structure.

Researchers are still going on about it

Studies have also shown that occasional fasting helps in the growth of the nerve cells. One must have a natural question as to how the growth of nerve cells translates to better neuro health. Well, they help with brain aging, brain damage from stroke, and epilepsy. What it means is that fasting keeps our brain younger and protects it from neurodegeneration from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s disease. It has been noted that periodic fasting may delay the onset or reduce the severity of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases.

Studies show that the effects of strokes have less brain damage if they’ve been intermittently fasting. The patients also have found to have higher levels of BDNF along with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory brain compounds.

To the fact that it deals with less brain damage, it was also noticed that fewer death cases were registered because of stroke. This is relevant research that has helped us understand the effects of stroke and how we can prevent damage or defy death altogether.

After all, the actual effects of fasting come the ways it has shifted and molded itself into the roots of some religious practices. Apart from the difference that one can make out or not, there’s a spiritual level on which we start seeing a difference if we look deep into ourselves. In some practices, it is believed that fasting is showing our part of offering to God. What it is supposed to mean is us making more time for prayer (God) and not what we’re giving up on for him. Let us now look at some of the spiritual experience ones might go through while fasting.

It is a cleansing journey towards your present

Fasting provides a soul-cleansing trip. With all the toxins that we put us in our bodies, it’s as tricky as it gets. Also, by not eating anything helps in relaxing our digestive systems. Above all, it is not the only detox for our bodies, but it gives them time to detox our souls. It is considered as a faith move, an expectation that God will fill us with his holy spirit.

Our pledge to deny food leads us to seek God, to know more about him to live, and to live abundantly. It also brings a desire and realization of a higher being. Someone who is above us and the thirst to know more about him is felt.

The body permits you to fast better

Because the body does not have to spend energy on digestion, it has more to utilize on other things. Along the same lines, it can be said that the way we don’t have to think about what to eat next, we have more time to devote to him. As we spend more and the more time fasting, the more we realize his importance and develop deeper praise for everything in general. Once we have the realization about God, we won’t be counting the hours down till the fast is over. We’ll be celebrating the entire time.

Once the fast is complete, you’re renewed, detoxed, and full of energy with a new desire, new praise, and sensitivity towards the voice of God and your inner voice as well. One shall also realize that the absence of food in all these hours is futile when it comes to comparison with what one has gained in all this time. One should also know that physical hunger can never be satisfied, as you’ll feel the desire every few hours. But once you feed yourself emotionally and spiritually, then the satisfaction will provide a new source of happiness and feeling of a more prominent being. Fasting can be considered as a remedy for the soul.

As we have seen the ways the body physically heals itself, it also starts to heal itself emotionally and spiritually. One can feel rejuvenated. Some of the belief revolves around taking fasting as a way to work on themselves, as in work on their will power. And it does make a difference. A person who can commit to fasting can commit to anything and be done with it.

Final thoughts:

On a final note, it’d be safe to say that if done correctly, fasting can prove to be an all-rounder for our body, mind, and soul. It helps in appreciating the way we look at food and other things and people in life. In a way, it makes it stronger and wiser. It can become a lifestyle where one develops a focus on positive thoughts and work on being stress-resistant. Discipline is something that can be learned from the entire process of fasting. Because if one can tame himself, then there’s no stopping to what he/she can achieve and accomplish. In the end, it’s a journey, an experience in itself, so if you’re planning on taking it up to enjoy and keep your mind open to it because it has everything you are looking for, you just have to pay attention to it.…

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