Seattle’s Best animal shelter Foundation

About animal shelters

An animal shelter is an establishment form and which is maintain by local government people. Sometimes it gets support by charitable groups and has some contributions to it. Such establishments aim to give shelter for poor animals like cats, dogs and other pet animals. They offer adoptions to the pet owners and take the homeless ones to their shelter.

Also those animals who does not get treat well. And are not suitable for purchase are place to the shelter homes. There are many famous Animal shelter organisations internationally. But for the Seattle locality there are many small animal shelters. But few animal shelters last longer and serve for good in society.

For Seattle people or pet owners it is good to have an animal shelter nearby their province. Seattle people trust the local Animal Shelter Foundation as it works and acts promptly. Seattle pet animals are safe in the hands of such animal shelter foundation homes.

There is one animal shelter it is named as Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation. It is named as Sasf.  It is a non-profit organization, all volunteers join the foundation with the aim to serve and fulfill the needs of animals. This foundation has an average rating of 4 stars in Seattle. They have a good count of followers from the seattle. About 4 thousand people like their initiative taken for Seattle.This organization operates with no paid workers.

The employees work here and contribute their good part by their own will. There is no force on employees to do work with long hours.  There are many animals who don’t have owners. Some owners leave their pets on the streets once they get ill. 

Provisions of SASF 

Seattle animal shelter foundation provides animal rescue and adoption along with their care for life. They take their overall health checkup once they are brought to the shelter homes. They take care of their daily food supply. Also daily health check ups from animal doctors and nurses. 

If some pets have illness or acquired some disease then they are responsible to take all their medical treatments. Volunteer doctors and nurses are also available to contribute their part to the society as well as to the welfare of pet animals.  Thus they support the Seattle animal shelter foundation through fundraising, and public awareness. And most of all through educating people about animal life and their lives too are important for the society to live in. 

They provide animals with a variety of food and other stuff to make them feel at home. They buy yummy kong for them. Sometimes enriching toys to play for dogs ,cats, rabbits, kittens and puppies too. They organise rallies as well as marathons in the wake of animal awareness and fundraising for the Animal shelter foundation. These events are successful every month and they acquire huge donations. That too for homeless animals to get them adopt and have their health treatment properly under their shelter. Their volunteers feel satisfied and happy after helping the poor animals.

Seattle’s Best animal shelter Foundation

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