Sutra's menu changes every two weeks, never to be repeated. The format of the restaurant is fashioned more like a supper club than a conventional restaurant, with 1 seating a night (this means everyone starts at the same time). Each day's menu is a pre-set 5 course dinner, honoring local, organic, and wild foraged produce.



  First & Second Course (plated together)

Roasted Cauliflower-Green Coriander Soup with an UrfaBiber-Preserved Lemon Drizzle Served Aside a Salad of Arugula-Armenian Cucumber-Smoked Caperberry-Candied Sunflower Seed with a Hyssop-Hempseed Dressing

 Third Course

Shiso-Brandy Wine Tomato-Tamari Roasted Maitake-Cider Braised Fennel & Lemongrass Fingerling Potato with Pomegranite Mollases, Toasted Sesame Seed & Micro Pok Choy & Mustard Green

Fourth Course

Quinoa-Cashew Cheese Stuffed Aneheim Chile with Lapsang Souchang Beluga Lentil, Sautéed Spigarello and a Roasted Garlic-Saffon-Lime Basil-Tomato Sauce

 Fifth Course

Raw Cacao-Cardamom Fudge with Whipped Vanilla Coconut Cream and Wild Huckleberry Sauce


  (If you Dine with us on Wednesday and Thursday, pay the entire bill in cash and recieve 10% off!!!)

Beverages: We have a full local and/or organic/biodynamic wine list and a beautiful non-alcoholic drink list.

If you're planning on paying in cash, please account for drinks, 10% restaurant tax, and gratuity.

(Note: Per person, the wine pairing is generally about $27 & the nob-alcoholic pairing is about $13.  A la carte drinks are priced from $3-$95). 





Sutra Reservations:
Reservations are required, and due to the high demand only taken by phone at this time. We are closed on Monday & Tuesday but will return your call between 2 & 10pm Wed-Sun.

If your looking to make a reservation, please leave us a message with the following information. Note: We will not be taking any reservations via email.
  • Your name
  • You phone number
  • # in your party
  • The date you're hoping for
  • We also ask for a credit card to reserve your space


Sutra Farm's Restival
We will be closed Aug. 21st-23rd for the Sutra Farm's Restival Event.


One Last Word
Sutra is closing its doors Sept. 19th, 2015 (all buildings on the block will be torn down to become apartments). Thank you for your patronage.